Aurora Lamp

Aurora LampOver the first weekend in March I took part in the first Science Hack Day Dublin an open data hacking event hosted in Dublin City University. The challenge was for participants to come up with open data related project ideas, to form groups, work on those projects and present the results all within 36 hours.

Some initial project ideas were collected on a wiki page in the days before the Hack Day. Part of a set of interrelated project’s caught the eye of one of the organisers and he suggested that the submitters get in contact with me for some input and maybe to help.

All the Aurora Orrery project’s revolved around the Aurora or in the northern hemisphere Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Which are caused by charged particles from the sun effected by the earths magnetic field interacting with the upper atmosphere. The result is a spectacular light show in the sky which is more visible as you get nearer the polar regions. But given a high level of of solar activity and favorable weather patterns, the Aurora can be seen from Ireland in places like Donegal and other parts of Northern Ireland.