YouTube Resolution

I’ve never been comfortable with my writing skills. Which has resulted in my default action being ‘avoid having to write at all costs’. Avoiding writing does not help me promote my projects, interests and business. As a way of working around my writing impasse, I set myself a New Years Resolution in January of 2019. […]

Red And White LED Dresses

Fixed up some broken images 2018-10-01. I’ve been experimenting with electronic fashion since about 2012. In that time I’ve never produced a finished garment that someone might want to wear. I’ve just created example pieces showing the techniques and/or capabilities of the technology. This year I wanted to do something different and have something real […]

Wearables and 29c3

I’ve been quietly working on a product idea inspired by conversations with fellow TOG member chebe about her blue LED Matrix Top. I had noticed the different levels of illumination in a row when more then one LED is illuminated. I suggested that using a high-side transistor or special driver chip might resolve the problem […]

New York Trip

Early last week I got back from a six day trip to New York city with Jeffrey Roe from TOG to attend the Open Hardware Summit and World Maker Faire. It was an exciting, informative and exhausting number of days. Thursday was the Open Hardware Summit at the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in Manhattan, […]

Aurora Lamp

Over the first weekend in March I took part in the first Science Hack Day Dublin an open data hacking event hosted in Dublin City University. The challenge was for participants to come up with open data related project ideas, to form groups, work on those projects and present the results all within 36 hours. […]