Chaos Communication Camp 2011

Next week I’m going to Chaos Communication Camp which takes place near Berlin. Every four years the camp provides an exciting opportunity to hang out and work on projects, attend various talks and socialise.

At the camp I’m planning to spend a lot of time in the Hx2 Hardware Hacking Area. I had originally signed up to give a hands on workshop on Introduction to PCB Etching, but I can’t bring the chemicals on the plane. So I’ve come up with another project for a workshop.

The project for the workshop will be to create a custom m0dul for the r0ket badge which can be used to form a Laser Tag system. This m0dul will be designed from scratch including hardware and software starting this weekend and during the camp, though inspiration for parts has come from DIY discussions on the Laser Tag Forums. Materials cost will be approximately €50.

In addition I’ll be bringing ten soldering sets for use in the Hardware Hacking Area, Mini Mood Light v1 Kit, I Can Solder Badge v1 Kit and other bits & bobs.

Just hopping all the parts arrive in time.