Mini Mood Light v1

The Mini Mood Light is an interactive and reprogrammable coloured light generator kit.  The circuit combines two independent RGB LEDs, four buttons and a micro controller on a small circuit board.  Using the buttons you can adjust the colours of the LEDs to express your mood.

The micro controller uses pulse-width-modulation to very rapidly turn on and off the individual red, green and blue LEDs which make up a single RGB LED.   Using combination’s of different on-off times allows the human eye to detect a large range of different colours.

The micro controller a MSP430G2211 from Texas Instruments is fully compatible with the TI’s MSP430 LaunchPad development board.  The code, details for setting up a Linux development environment and programming the micro controller are covered on the programming page.

Detailed assembly instructions are now available on Instructables.
Mini Mood Light v1.1 Schematic
Mini Mood Light v1.1 Source

Mini Mood Light v1 kits can be purchased through my Tindie store.